Our Services


Consulting and Advisory Services

For owners and operators of larger real estate portfolios:  Are you limited by incomplete or inconsistent information about your properties?  Are you looking to define or implement portfolio-wide policies, programs or best practices?  Is a new technology solution on the horizon?  We have extensive experience defining and implementing policies, processes and technologies for many aspects of property and portfolio operations. 

For individuals, families, homeowner associations and other organizations who can't attract the attention of the larger managers and operators:  Do you lack the time, desire and/or skills to manage your properties?  Could you use someone to help with more than just the day-to-day aspects of managing a property?  We can bring the same professional mindset and approach that is applied by large-scale owners and operators to help you get the most out of your real estate. 

No matter your size, property type or ownership structure -- let's have a conversation about your current needs.


Construction Project Management

We can serve as the representative for the Owner, Tenant, Lender or in another project management / oversight capacity to help with design and specification development, scoping and budgeting, vendor evaluation and selection, project execution and administration for: 

  • Tenant Improvements
  • Lobby / Corridor / Restroom Upgrades
  • Indoor and Outdoor Amenity Areas
  • Major Asset Re-branding / Repositioning
  • Sustainability / Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Roof, Elevator, HVAC, Facade, and other Building Capital


Transition and On-Boarding Services

Are you juggling resources due to personnel changes?  Were you recently awarded new client business?  Acquiring a new property / portfolio? 

We can be your interim asset management or property management solution that affords you the time and flexibility to focus on finding the "right" person and not just the "next available" person. 

We can also be the specialist who focuses on a smooth and successful on-boarding of a new property, process or technology so other personnel don't have to divert attention away from their normal responsibilities.